CCPA Request

Please complete the form below to submit the details of your request. Fields that come with an asterisk(*) are fields required to be filled in to submit the form. We will confirm that we have received the request using the email address given below and will call you to confirm your identity within 10 days before we process the request. We are unable to respond to the request or provide you with any Personal Information if we are unable to confirm your identity or authority and that the Personal Information is related to you.

We will try to respond to a request that can be verified within forty-five days of receiving it. If we need more time to respond, we will let you know the reason and extension period put down in writing. There will not be a fee charged for a normal, reasonable request; however, we reserve the right to charge a fee for any requests that are unfounded, repetitive, or excessive.Do take note that these rights apply to California consumers only and exclude employees, business contacts, and applicants. Only you, or someone who is registered through the California Secretary of State whom you choose to authorize to act for you, may submit a consumer request related to your Personal Information that is verifiable.