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Effortlessly sophisticated.
Intoxicatingly timless.

Premium Quality + Top-Tier Design

Find the flatware you’ll love for life.

Gifts For Everyone

Be Remarkable

Frame memories in a new light.
One that's unique for you.

Little Wonderlands

Get lost in cheerful scenes of frozen magic.

Elegant, treasured
barware and gifts
for your home.

Our Story

We were founded in 1824
by the silversmiths Charles Barton and Henry Reed, who
had a respect
for craftsmanship and quality throughout their career.
These ideals are still a cornerstone
of Reed & Barton today.

Our Difference

For over 187 years,
Reed & Barton has built the
reputation of being one of the
country’s makers of
high-quality giftware and tableware.
Our unique products are in demand
because of their superior craftsmanship and enduring designs.

Our Goal

We strive to create products
that you will be proud to give
and glad to receive.
Passed from
year to year,
table to table,
and from home to home.